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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Well, This Cycle May Not Be It

I'm so pissed at my husband that the thought of spending the next 3 days pretending to want to have sex with him just so we can make a baby doesn't seem like the right thing to do. He's really on my shit list right now and I just don't want to do it with him.

Why am I so pissed at him, you ask?

It all started a few weeks ago. We saw this really cute car on a lot and bought it before our other one sold. No biggie. Then, we started having problems with mine and I said I wanted to sell it and drive the other one for awhile. So, what does my husband do yesterday? He sold the car I wanted to drive when we sold mine. Then, he was an ass about some of the logistics. Anyway, I was mad last night.

The other issue I have is that he's working late far too often (again). AND, he's supposed to have a holiday on Monday that he wants to skip and work through. He claims he'll take the day another time, but he won't. I get so sick of his work schedule and excuses about why it has to be that way. They are all lame. His daughter misses him. He needs to spend time with her. She has hardly seen him in three days and given out last conversation, it isn't getting any better.

So, back to making a baby. I did an OPK today (first time). Faint line. I guess that means no. Fine with me, I wasn't into fooling around tonight anyway.

On to tomorrow. Maybe I'll feel better then.


  • At 3:55 PM , Anonymous Amber (Elizabeth) said...

    I'm glad to still be able to check up on you, Michelle. I hope things get better between you and your DH and that he doesn't take for granted what he has right now.

    I'll be reading...

  • At 4:01 PM , Anonymous KB (guess who) said...

    I couldn't help but laugh as I started to read your post. I don't blame you for being mad (how come you never said you got a new car), but I still had to smile!

  • At 4:11 PM , Blogger MB said...

    It's a funny thing about TLOL. There's this underlying anymosity between the haves and the have nots. Money and things are some of what I didn't like to talk about over there.


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