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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hi! Remember me?

Yeah, you might not, it's been forever. Sorry. Things have been nutty. I am still working on how having a newborn affects our "normal" schedule. Turns out it's a big deal just getting out the door. Thankfully, she's a good sleeper. As in, she sleeps quite a lot. I change her, feed her and she sleeps. Rinse, repeat.

I've had a slight setback with my incision. I woke up for our 2:30 am feed on Friday morning to find my PJ bottoms soaked in the front. Bleary-eyed, I wandered to the bathroom and realized I was soaked with yellow goo. Nice, huh? I proceeded to leak said yellow goo the rest of the morning and when I called the doc, was told to get my ass to their office...stat (ha!).

Turns out I have a massive infection. So far it's only in the top (read:fat) layer. But, it's nasty. They mashed and pushed on it and drained what they could. Oh, and they opened more of the incision to let it drain. They also stuck a long q-tip insode so they could get a culture. That was all fun. NOT! Hurt like hell.

I didn't feel too bad until I got home that night. At which time, I felt like I got hit by a truck. For the next two days. I am just today feeling sort of human, but still pretty damn sore. My middle feels like my section was yesterday instead of two weeks ago. Good times.

So, pardon my lag in posts. I swear I had a good excuse.


  • At 12:34 PM , Blogger Kathy McC said...

    Gross! I hope it's starting to get better. You poor thing I can't even imagine what that feels like.

    So are you on massive antibiotics? (((hugs))) I hope you feel better soon.

  • At 2:35 PM , Blogger Catherine said...

    ick! I had that with my c/s with Sam and it was NOT fun! I hope you get all healed up soon!

  • At 4:58 PM , Blogger formerteacher said...

    I had an infection with my first section. Not fun! The antibiotics they put you on also did a number on my stomach; hopefully you don't have that happen! You certainly have been through the wringer, haven't you! DOn't worry about posting. We all know you've been a bit busy:)

  • At 6:51 PM , Blogger The Nanny said...

    Hope you feel better soon! Now, when can we see more pictures of Ms. Natalie???

  • At 7:02 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

    OH NO! I hope you're well on your way to kicking the infection and that your poor belly starts feeling better soon!

  • At 3:28 AM , Blogger Heather said...

    Hope you feel better soon! Glad you got to the doctor right away before it got worse.

  • At 5:02 AM , Blogger Kath said...

    Dear Michelle, first of all, congratulations on the birth of your beautiful Natalie! She is adorable.

    I am so sorry about your infection -- it sounds nasty. I hope it clears up really soon. (And I can't believe you're apologizing for not posting more -- I'm finding it almost impossible, and I haven't got nearly the sort of excuse you have...)

    Hey girl: We did it!!!!!

  • At 5:53 PM , Blogger vixanne wigg said...

    I'm sorry!!!! But I totally excused your absence, considering the NEW BABY and all!!!!!

  • At 5:52 PM , Blogger niobe said...

    That's a very, very good excuse. Don't even think about apologizing for the lack of posts. Hoping that you feel better as soon as possible.

  • At 5:55 PM , Blogger kate said...

    Ugh, that's terrible (and gross)...hope it is better soon. Can't wait for more pics!!

  • At 1:11 PM , Blogger Rosepetal said...

    God, that sounds terrible. Take care of yourself. I hope you've got some antibiotics?

  • At 12:08 AM , Blogger Anam Cara said...

    Damn that sucks Michelle!! I was sooo hoping for a smooth recovery. Hope you are starting to feel better soon and glad everything else with Natalie and family are okay. xoxoxo


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