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Friday, February 18, 2005


Yes, "successfully" really does have that many double letters. It does seem odd now that I look at it though.

The offer stands. Now, next summer, next year. Whenever. You know where to find me (you got my number, right?).

On the other issue... It is my experience that I can ALWAYS find something to be mad at dh about. If you're looking for make up sex, you'll find a reason to be mad. :)


  • At 10:01 AM , Anonymous Meredith C said...

    I did get the number and it is safely stored away for my period of mulling. I am just so appreciative! (Plus, I've got the added bonus of knowing that the word "successfully" is about as interestingly strange as "Mississippi." Huh.) Off to fight with my DH now....


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