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Friday, February 22, 2008

So, Yeah, Well, Okay.

I know. I haven't posted anything with any depth in like forever. Sorry about that. I'm totally avoiding things because right now I just have too much shit on my plate.

For instance; I can't deal with how pained I am that my middle daughter is missing life with her sisters because I still can't walk without the crutches and I'm still using the damn wheelchair mostly because I'm scared to death of falling using the crutches. That means, that I'm still depending on my mom (and a friend who came with her girls and stayed for a week...thank God she came, but holy hell it was a lot of work having people here that long). I wish I could do my own laundry and make my own bed and OH! how I wish I could shower standing up.

Fact is, I just have matters to deal with in the here and now and can't allow myself to have the emotional breakdown that I need to and know I will have when my life is again my own.

Until then, I may very well continue to bore you with pictures of crazy church signs and questions about life that cannot be suitably answered.


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