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Monday, January 08, 2007

Good Times

I've heard it said that the best place for an infertile to go and stare in awe (or get pissed) at all the pregnant women, is Target. It seems to be a bit of an inside joke in this little community. Staring at all the pregnant women, and counting them, in your local Target store. Been there.

Today, I found myself in a place that far surpassed any Target I've ever been in.

The local Social Security office.

It seems that to get a driver's license and then get our cars registered, we have to have our Social Security cards. This is a new thing since I've had driver's licenses in 4 other states and have never been asked to provide my social security card. (The only logic I find for that is that the car registration fees here are crazy low. Like $35 for any car, no matter the value. Coming from the west, that is amazing.)

So yeah, we had to provide Social Security cards and along with our phone, we have yet to find the box that had the box where our Social Security cards were carefully hidden. By my husband. Because, maybe it was bad, but I used to carry mine. Until I met him. And now, my card is lost in our black-hole-of-a-basement. With his.

As we walked into the office, I knew I may be faced with a scene I didn't want to deal with. I'm a bit of a snob, I admit it. This place is not in the greatest area of town, I think because most of its clients are on that side of town. It smelled vaguely of old urine and clothes that hadn't been washed in weeks. This is a slice of our society, I suppose.

Aside from the half drunk guys looking for benefits because of various diabilities, there were also mothers and babies and pregnancies. Everywhere. This included the one woman who had 7 children ranging in age from about 14 to no more than one week old. This same woman who breastfed the kid with no blanket to cover her or shield her kid from whatever nastiness and germs were lurking in that place. She fed him and then used her dirty breast pad to wipe his face....then shoved it back in her bra. Also the woman who had 2 other restless toddlers in a stroller who were having an absolute fit about not getting any of the gummybears their mother had in possibly the dirtiest diaper bag I have ever seen.

She finally took notice that her brood was causing some feathers to ruffle and took the younger ones outside. Where in less than 10 minutes, the fire alarm went off. That was presumably pulled by one of her brats. Now, I know they were the only ones in the hallway because I let them out the door and could see them through the window. And, I know that the alarm was pulled on our floor because as we walked out the emergency exit, I saw the open and pulled alarm box. Further, she and her kids were standing near said pulled alarm with looks of utter shock on their faces. As if something they had done had caused the chaos. Which, of course, they had.

Two words lady: Birth Control.

Suffice it to say that I did not get my replacement card ordered today. I'm going to try going back in the morning.


Oh, had my baseline today. All is well.


  • At 1:21 PM , Blogger Catherine said...

    New law as part of increasing your safety with homeland security. Don't you feel all protected and stuff now?

    Maybe have a drink before attempting that office again? or can you drink right now? or maybe it just might be easier to tear the damn house apart until you find your original card? lol

  • At 4:59 AM , Blogger Sarah said...

    Your experience sounds familiar to one i had a couple of years ago when I changed my last name... except it was before I was pregnant and as annoyed by the stark contrast between some peoples reproductive success and others long trials to have a baby.

    And yes... target is finally starting to bug me... i guess you can tell that i'm inching in on the "one year of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant".

    Glad your baseline was good. I didn't have any helpful advice on what to do with transfer on Gracie's b-day, but I hope you've figured something out. :)


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