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Friday, March 02, 2007

Feeling Better, well, some

I'm not even sure where or how to begin this post so that there is any sense of order to it...

I feel pretty good so long as I get a nap at some point in the day. Jim has been so good about helping out so I have less to do. What a guy. I think he's partly making up for telling some friends of ours who asked how the babies were that there was only one. I piped in and said we had lost one and his comment to that was "you can't lose what was never there." Because, in his mind, the "baby" never developed, so it was never there. I did manage to not kill him in front of our friends, but I let him have it later. He's been super ever since. Men.

I did blood on Monday to see if we could knock off the PIO injections. We laid off for two days and then did blood again yesterday...the level dropped, so I have to start them up again. That kind of scares me. I don't like the injections, but it is what it is. It concerns me that the level dropped. I didn't get to talk with Dr. BM, only a message from the nurse, so I don't really understand all that. I'm anxious for the next ultrasound on the 8th, I could use a little piece of mind.

Um, I'm trying to talk Jim into a family vacation sometime in early summer. We need a getaway. He's open to it, but we have to sell the Vegas house first.

Ugh, the Vegas house. Yeah, it's not sold. We keep hearing that the market will improve in the spring. Our listing agreement expires in April and we won't be extending. I have to get on the horn with some agents and figure out what we're doing. Ack. I hate it.

Um, so, that's the haps. Just trying to stay sane. I'll let you know how that goes.


  • At 6:16 PM , Blogger Amy said...

    You sound like my sister. She is expecting too and napping all the time. Happy to hear that Jim is helping out. Hope the Vegas house sells soon. Wish my sister could buy it from you. She is living in Henderson. :)


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