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Thursday, August 02, 2007


NST was fine. Took time to get her to cooperate with the raising-the-heart-rate part, but she did. Ultrasound showed nothing worrisome. She's a little more than 3 pounds. That alone makes me feel better since we know Audrey was always a little behind and was 3'3" when she was born...(no one remind me about the error facto on u/s measurements, please).


Scheduled amnio for 9-20 and birthday for 9-21. I'll be 37 weeks on the 21st. I'm glad that's done. Seems so close, yet so far.


Gracie fell off of her pony at her lesson today. Thankfully, I was petting the barn cat at the time and totally missed the fall. I caught it when she was getting up and crying, but her instructor was handling it and I could tell she wasn't hurt. I managed to stay at the rail and let them handle it...that was the right thing to do because in just a minute she was hopping back on and getting back to her. I couldn't be more proud. A fall was bound to happen, so I'm glad it happened in a way that didn't scare her into quitting.

That's my girl.


It's hot today. Not Vegas hot, but hot enough to keep me inside on the couch most of the day. Again. My excuse for not doing anything is the heat. Don't remind me that the air is set to 71 at the moment.


I think there was more, but I just can't seem to remember. Dammit. It's the heat.


  • At 3:24 PM , Blogger Laura said...

    Hey, I'm so glad that everything looks good with Natalie :) I've gotten in a bad habit of reading and then promising myself to come back and comment, but that's not happening. I didn't get to tell you how much I love her name! Natalie was our girl name for the Piglet and I'm sure that we'll still use it someday. I love that name. September 21st--that's so close! And I'll be three weeks behind ya! Yikes!!

    I'm glad that Gracie is okay. She is very brave. A fall from a horse is is a long one!

    It's hot here, too and I swear that my butt has turned into the shape of my la-z-boy.

  • At 5:04 PM , Blogger Heather said...

    Glad to hear the NST went well and that Gracie was OK after her fall.

  • At 12:07 AM , Blogger niobe said...

    I stayed home from work and did nothing today and blamed it on the heat. And I don't have the (excellent) excuse of being pregnant.

    September 21, huh? You must be counting down the days.

  • At 8:17 AM , Blogger formerteacher said...

    So glad the NST went well. I'm also glad that Gracie didn't hurt herself when she fell, and so impressed that she was able to get right back on that horse! (I don't think I could've done that!) I related so well to your comment about how it was good you didn't see it. Isn't that the truth! So many times things look worse than they really are.

  • At 10:23 AM , Blogger Alli said...

    Good news about the NST. Thinking of you!

  • At 2:30 PM , Blogger Monica said...

    What do they do in the NST? I have one next week and then alternating with BPP. I've had a few BPP, but never an NST. What are they like? Also, glad to know yours went well.


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