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Monday, March 24, 2008

Conversations Overheard at Our House

Last night...

Me: Gracie needs to go to bed. Are you holding Natalie, or are you putting Number One to bed?

Him: I'll get Gracie to bed.

Jim goes upstairs and walks into Gracie's room....

Jim: Hi Gra... WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES?! ARE YOU WEARING A DIAPER??? What the heck are you DOING??!! Forget it. I'm going downstairs to hold Natalie. Your MOTHER can deal with this.

Me: (hysterical laughing)


  • At 5:46 AM , Blogger Rachel said...

    Sounds like a great way to end the day!

  • At 9:43 AM , Blogger KB said...

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, hysterical laughing over here too!!!!

  • At 12:42 PM , Blogger mah-meeee said...

    LMAO! I totally understand! My first born loves being naked and my conservative republican hubby freaks out when that happens.

    By the way, do you think this whole diaper thing is due to having a new sibling? I think my older one is starting to want to wear a diaper like her 'baby sister.'


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