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Sunday, July 03, 2005


I just feel really blah. No energy to really do much. We bought a new car the other day. Nowhere fun to take it though...Costco...woohoo. Doing laundry.... Yippee. We're having some friends over for the 4th. We have a great view of the Valley from up here so we get to see every fireworks show. Going to swim and grill some steaks. I need to clean the patio and pick up the house. I still need to get a few things at the grocery store but I haven't gotten the energy to do that either. I suck.

Yesterday was my last day taking the pill. I go see Dr. Baby Maker on Tuesday to repeat the bloodwork and redo the baseline ultrasound. So, we're almost exactly a week from where we would have been if we'd gotten to start last week. I almost feel like my body isn't my own anymore.

Jim & I have been a little bit short with each other the last few days. I'm irritated with his work schedule and he's irritated with me being irritated. That, and we've had to take an in depth look at our speding so we can update our life insurance...that sucked. We look at credit card bills and it always makes me feel like a bad girl. I guess I am. Oh well.

I wish I felt better. I'm just cranky. I'd like to be fooling around and snuggling, but every time I start down that road he does something to piss me off. Ugh. I guess I'm just being bitchy.

Maybe my title should have been "Bitchy," not "Bored".


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