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Friday, March 03, 2006

Catching Up

Work so sucks right now. My boss is a complete ass. I feel like I'm in a bad relationship again. I guess that's Murphy. I finally meet a nice, kind man who doesn't treat me like crap and to balance things out again, my boss has to be an ass. Ack. So, that explains why I'm writing here and not working like I should be. Shhh...Don't tell.

Oh, I should clarify why it sucks more than before. There's no longer a light at the end of the tunnel. DH has been given notice that his job is going away. His last official day is May 26. They are paying him severance untill Sept 16 (nice, Audrey's 2nd birthday...happy birthday honey, daddy's unemployed!). They are also paying for an executive search company and outplacement. It's really not as bad as it sounds. I've been telling him for years that his department is on it's way down the shitter. But, his loyal ass has just stayed with it thinking that if he did a good job, he'd be taken care of. Well, they're taking care of him alright. He needed out. It's not all that bad. For the record, I have not said "I told you so" even once. I've wanted to, but I haven't. Why do they never listen?

Having said that, until he gets a new job (hopefully before May 26 so we can keep the extra cash), I will be working. I am not happy about it. But, one of us has to be gainfully employed... I do hate it. He did say that if we could get him a job, I could quit and he would take a month off to just be with us. Maybe take a fancy trip somewhere.

Hey, unemployment pretty much guarantees a positive pregancy test, no?

Gracie is doing awesome. I probably don't talk about her here as much as I should. Bad mommy. She started preschool this week. She freaking loves, loves it. So far all the teachers love, love her back. She's such a sweetie. I'm so proud of her.

She went to the dentist for the first time this week too. She was a total champ. X-rays and all with no tears. Not even one freak out. Which is odd, because I hate the dentist. Hate it. I cry when I have to go. Okay, I don't cry, but I do hate it. Looks like she'll be getting braces when the time comes. I'm afraid she has my mouth and teeth. Poor kid. Amazing that they can tell that stuff so early now. Crazy.

I love her...She's my heart.

Freeway is good. Still at the vet getting treated for the respiratory thing. He got his balls whacked, so he's probably pretty pissed about that, but he's good. He's clean (that is very good, because I cannot even begin to describe how incredibly dirty he was). Had ear mites, but they are fixing that. Tested negative for the nasty cat viruses. Has some cuts on his feet and his nails are pretty worn. The vet thinks he was stuck on the freeway for days. Poor guy. He's such a sweetie. I'm going to go see him today. They are keeping him over the weekend. If dh won't let us keep him, then we have several people who are willing to take him. I feel like we did something good. I like that. Update, can't go see him. They have him quarantined until the respiratory thing is better...bummer.

It's CD 9 officially. Still a low reading on the good old fertility monitor. No idea what to expect this month since my cycles have been so whacked the last year with everything I've done to my body. I'm hoping for some normalcy and maybe just a little bit of predictability. I think I'm going to try charting and the monitor for 2 months and if we get nothing, I'm going to go see my OB about the possibility of some clomid. I have some Follistim and a trigger from the IUI we were never able to do. I wish I knew the protocol for that stuff, I do it myself and just see what would happen. I'd probably end up with a litter... Anyone know? I'm feeling froggy...


  • At 8:45 AM , Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

    A few thoughts on unemployment...

    I was pregnant when I was laid off. I found out a few days later that I'd lost it the next day. So much for being positive.

    But aside from that, really, the hardest part about unemployment is the psychological part. It as though someone is saying, 'You are expendable. You are not an asset, but a liability.' And do you know what? Companies that cut employees as a way to save money find out in a year or two that that was not the problem!

    I had no warning - well, that day my boss was acting weird, and I pretty much got the idea that something was going to happen - but I'm glad that you guys are getting a severance AND assistance in finding work. The company at least sounds apologetic.

    I was at my old job for nine years and hated all but three of it. Getting laid off was the best thing that could have happened to me. Once you're over the initial shock, it could be a wonderful opportunity, blah blah blah. And once he gets that new job, you'll feel terrifically wealthy.

    Sorry if I sound so sunny but I do have a good feeling about this whole nightmare. It won't last long.


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