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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


19 weeks. Halfway for me. HB this morning was 150-5ish. I'm going with girl since the men on both sides have notoriously low resting heart rates. I guess we'll find out for sure at the level II next week.

My ISP is still giving me fits. We still have spotty service; some days we wake up and it's there, some days not so much. It's really putting a damper on keeping up with all of you.

Atlanta was nice. My BIL's rental car got broken into while we were there. All the idiot got was 2 blue-tooth headsets and my car charger. Asshole. Well, that and when he broke the window, he did it on the side with Gracie's car seat. Also not a big deal except that he cut himself reaching in and bled all over her seat. So-damn-nasty. Some dirty man's DNA all over my baby's seat. Makes me gag. We bought a new one before the police report was even done.

Even with the car drama, the trip was nice. I really do love that part of Jim's family. They have two great kids and are really neat people to hang out with. They are all so wonderful to Gracie. We're lucky that for the most part, Jim's brothers are great since is Mother is such a whack-job.

By the way, we'll be spending Christmas with the Whack-job. My parents won't be able to come home from Malaysia for the holidays, so we figured we should take the chance to make good on our obligation to the Whack-job. It really is our turn. Well, not really. There is one other brother who should take a turn, but he's ridiculously unreliable, so what's the use. We'll take this chance to unload some of Jim's guilt. I figure I have enough friends near-by that I can bail if I need to. You know, me and my two kids. Ha!

Oh, before I forget... Kathy McC, can you e-mail me your address?

I had stuff I wanted to say. I have spent days having entry after entry pop into my head, but now that I sot down to write one, I got nothing interesting. I know, I keep saying that. I'll do better soon, I promise.

So, um, yeah, I wish I had a good joke or something I could end with. Seems like a good place for a laugh. Maybe you all could share something funny in my comments to entertain all of us? Got a good joke, or a funny story to tell? Have at it.

Talk amongst yourselves.


  • At 6:39 PM , Blogger Kathy McC said...

    I have nothing funny. I am in an allergy induced fog...

    Maybe next week. P.S. I will email my addy to you now before I forget.


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