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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My Aunt had a hysterectomy Monday. Same day my dog got neutered. Is it bad that I called her Sunday and told her Rifle wasn't nervous about getting his balls whacked off, she should be fine with getting her guts jerked out. Thank God she laughed.


I was on my way to McDonald's with Gracie yesterday (her choice, not mine), we got on the freeway and I started to gag. Puking was next. So, I pulled over, puked and then went straight to McDonald's and got a Big & Tasty with fries. I realize that only a pregnant woman could do that.


I accidentally found myself looking at crib bedding yesterday and found the most adorable crib set that has sock monkeys on it. I totally love it. I cannot buy it.


We finally have some nice weather. I love to open my windows. We haven't put our bug screens on yet. I moved from the desert. There really aren't many flying bugs in the desert. I lost count of how many flies I killed last night. Jim was still killing them this morning. It's really grossing me out. I think they are all dead now, but ewwwww. I had NO idea. Live and learn I guess.


It's 5:00 PM. I have been sitting on the sofa eating saltines since 2:00 PM. I have NO idea what's for dinner. But, I'm hungry. I'm pretty sure I don't even have anything to cook. Maybe it's a soup and grilled cheese night.


When my parents left for Malaysia, we inherited their dog. You know, cuz what we needed is one more. He's a long haired chihuahua. We have big birds here. I saw a hawk on the side of the road eating a rabbit bigger than Meximelt (not his real name). I'm scared to death he's going to get carried off. Can you hear that overseas phone call? "Um, dad, well, you see, he had to pee, so I put him out...and, well, um, there was this hawk, and well, he was hungry....and well, um, we live in the country and we are surrounded by woods..." Great, more stress.


Gracie left the living room 30 minutes ago and I just realized I'm still watching Sesame Street.


I need to get out in the flower beds and make them prettier. I have window boxes out front that need to be planted. Anyone want to volunteer their services? I'll feed you dinner. We're having soup & grilled cheese.


  • At 6:27 PM , Blogger Kathy McC said...

    MMMM, nothing like a Big-N-Tasty after a puke fest.

    I remember once when I caught myself watching the Wiggles after Aaron went down for a nap. Yikes.

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