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Sunday, April 24, 2005


I'm here. Well, sort of. We're in Charleston, SC on vacation. I brought the laptop so I could check in on work stuff. I'm having to use dial up because the condo has no DSL, cable or Wi-Fi. And, boy, does it suck. Not only that, but I can't get a local number so IU'm getting charged $6 an hour to check in. Big time sucks. But, the food is great, the history is cool and I've spent a lot less time thinking about TTC. My chart is weird. I'm not really sure when I O'd. my numbers never really did a dive and then went up. They just sort of edged down and then edged up again. I had a time of EWCM for like a week. I have no idea what's up.

At any rate, I promise I'll be around some. It's just a pain in the ass right now. I get home on May 4. The day after my period is due. I didn't bring any tests and I won't buy one with my mom around. So, I guess there will be no POAS torture this month... That's the good part.

What will be, will be.

I miss you guys.


  • At 5:19 AM , Blogger Holly Golightly said...

    Good to hear from you! I've been wondering how the vaca was going. Enjoy Charleston...I love that city!

  • At 10:14 AM , Anonymous susan said...

    Hi Michelle you are only 4 hours from me. I grew up in Charleston SC. I love the big old houses downtown.

    Hope you have a good time if I had know you were going to Charleston I might have gone to visit my mom so I could meet you.

    Maybe another time.


  • At 5:30 PM , Blogger lauralu said...

    so glad to hear you are loving charleston and not torturing yourself! a vacation from torture - excellent plan.


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