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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dr. M Called

Somehow I missed her call. I got a voicemail on my cell phone time stamped at 11:30. I have no idea how I missed it. I was home. That pisses me off. Why didn't she try the house??

Anyway, the message said that it's not unusual for ovulation to stop during stressful times. Duh. I'm slightly stressed and it's not getting any better. The fact that I don't seem to be able to get pregnant isn't helping that either. She said that she understood why I was freaking out and that we'd discuss my "options" when I came in on the 16th.

Options? What options? Wait? Drugs? What? I don't want to know on the 16th, what if it's too late on the 16th to try any "options"? I want to know NOW!!

Ugh, this sucks.


  • At 7:23 AM , Anonymous KB said...

    Pick up the phone and TELL her all that. YOU are the patient. YOU get to tell her what you WANT, when you WANT to. Surely she can fit you in before the 16th. If not, call another OB.

    You don't have to wait on her.

    Stress can cause lots of things, and we all know you've had more than your fair share. Especially with the rat this past month ;)

    As always, sending hugs your way, and remember, you're welcome to just come and get away any time you want. The Golden Driller is really one of those things you just can't miss seeing. HAHAHA


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