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Monday, May 30, 2005

CD 26...Feeling Hopeful

Temps took another little jump after O yesterday. That's a good sign, right? I resisted the urge to test this morning. It's only 9 DPO, still a little early. It's possible that I could have gotten a positive today, but I'm going to try and wait until Wednesday or Thursday. 11 DPO is better, right? That is all assuming that I don't get the big drop between now and then. I don't know why I'm feeling hopeful about this cycle, but I am. I'm feeling a little more in control and like I have a chance this round. We shall see.

My friend B's daughter (the 4 mo) has been in ICU since Friday. Our ped found her heart rate a little goofy and sent her to the cardiologist. They then rushed her over to ICU at the children's hospital here. The problem is that her heart has this really irregular rhythm. The cardiologist said that if they hadn't caught it, her heart would have died in a week from overuse. So scary. I've been watching her older daughter off and on all weekend. We're not totally sure when she'll get to come home. They are trying to regulate her heart with meds and haven't gotten the dosage right just yet. I guess her valves are just misfiring. I think she called it myopathy. Anyway, Friday was a scary day for all of us, but especially for her.

My brother and future sister-in-law were here this weekend. It was nice to see them. We had a big cook out yesterday. I'm exhausted. This is going to be a busy week...


  • At 10:18 PM , Anonymous Michelle A said...

    Hey you...I finally made it over here again. I miss you, I miss reading about your life and I know it's my fault for not making the effort to come here. I felt a little twinge of jealousy seeing all the great TLOL girls who followed you here and post messages all the time! I am going to make an effort to check up on you more often. (((hugs)))


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