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Friday, July 08, 2005


The slut is now having twins? How is it possible??


  • At 7:18 PM , Blogger Julie said...

    Oh God I saw that too. And just when I thought it wasn't possible to hate her anymore then I already did.............

  • At 7:22 PM , Anonymous KB said...

    Hey, I've only got one in there, and I'll get you for calling me a slut... ;) naaaah... now I've got to go figure out of which slut you speak. :)

  • At 5:19 AM , Blogger vixanne wigg said...

    Hee hee.

    Is she REALLY????? I heard it was just a rumor.

  • At 9:08 PM , Blogger Amanda said...

    It honestly makes me want to puke. Ack.

  • At 7:40 AM , Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

    Well, like I always say... any dumb animal can breed. And what do you know, she's probably having a litter too.


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