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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Speaking of keeping one's promises...

My husband, God love him, is a Cubs fan. It's a sad, sad accident of birth, but he sticks with them. He has this warped idea that somehow, some way, the Cubs will win a game... Everytime they play, he watches desperately...hoping...hoping... More often than not, they disappoint.

Now, I have a similar affliction, but with football. My friends, I am a Saint's fan. It's a horrible burden to bear, but I do.

Every season, I hassle him about the Cubs and he, in turn, is relentless about the Saints. We have tried watching the Cubs play their last two games. I say tried because it's just too painful to sit and watch the game straight through. We sort of move back and forth between something good and watching the Cubs lose their collective ass. So, to make things interesting, while he justified how the Cubs might possibly pull one out of said collective ass, we made a little wager. We live in Vegas afterall...

The first game, we bet $5. I gave him a two-point spread and he lost his ass. Last night, he was feeling froggy so we bet again. He set the number at $100. Dumb-ass. No spread this time as it was the 8th inning and it was tied up. My poor, poor dillusional husband was talking some pretty rough talk..."Honey, do you have cash? Because if you don't, I can loan it to you...but my interest rates are not monetary...shall I lower my fly now?" Ummm, no.

In true Cubbie style, they lost in the 12th inning after walking a guy with the bases loaded. Just sad. As the game closed, he looked at me and said "You're really going to make me pay you, aren't you!" You bet your sweet bippie I am.

But hey, I'm up $105 and there will be no fly lowering in my husband's future. I did offer to "loan" it to him as I lowered my fly, but alas, I think his ego was too badly bruised. He just coughed up the cash. Ha!

He informed his brother this morning that as of now, he is no longer a Cubs fan. Losing $105 to his wife was more that he could take. He's on the hunt for a new team. I suggested he go for the White Sox (Lorem, fair? no?). He declined. Something about it being against his religion or something. He's a liar though. He threatens to go elsewhere every year, but never does.


  • At 1:20 PM , Blogger Catherine said...

    I have about as much faith in the Cubs as I do in God these days...but I still watch and hope that some day my faith will be rewarded. lol

  • At 1:27 PM , Blogger MB said...

    Catherine, you & Jim both...

  • At 5:25 PM , Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

    To have a Cubs fan become a Sox fan (or vice versa) would be similar to a Jewish man convert to Christianity and have his foreskin reconstructed while biting a leather strap for pain relief.

    Well, I'm speculating here. But that's what I think it'd be like.

  • At 3:35 PM , Blogger formerteacher said...

    As a Cubs fan married to a Sox fan, life can be rough around here. I'm realistic, though. I don't believe that THIS will be our year. I still remember back in 84 when Leon Durham missed the ball at first base, and a run scored eliminating us from the Series. Similar thing happened in 2003. Only the Cubs can be up by 3 games and then go on to lose! Ah....but I still luv 'em. My whole family are Cubbie fans, so it brings back good childhood memories. And I am all about the underdog, which I believe that the Cubs will always qualify as.

    BTW, are you originally from teh mid-west. It's unusual for people to just 'choose' to be a Cubs fan.


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