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Friday, October 27, 2006

Bigger IS better!

Well, they keep getting bigger.

12 follies measuring 10-19. 8 more just hanging out. Probably too late for them, but I'll take the 12. Go back again on Sunday, so hopefully we will retrieve on Wednesday. Estimate was Tuesday, but Gracie has her Halloween party that day and I don't want to miss it. Obviously I will if I have to though.

Mom comes in on Saturday. My last day of work is the 10th.

Today is a State holiday. I forgot. Guess what it means? No school. Guess who tried to bring their kid to school this morning and was very confused?

Yeah. Me.

Poor Gracie.


  • At 2:55 PM , Blogger Jill said...

    Your ovaries deserve presents for their effort!

    And I am quite amused by your poor confused selves at the school gate too. Teehee;)

  • At 6:03 AM , Blogger Laura said...

    Michelle, I've been reading, but not posting because I don't understand! But it sounds like this is really, really, really good judging by everyone's responses! So, yay yay yay!!!! from me :)

    That's hilarious about the school holiday. I would totally do that.

  • At 6:48 PM , Blogger kate said...

    Wow great news! Go follies!

  • At 7:03 PM , Blogger KB said...

    That's still 3 sets of quads, or 4 sets of triplets... or even 6 sets of fraternal twins... and I won't even get into the what ifs if one of them decides to be two or more all on their own....

    YAHOO! And just because of that, I think I'll go have a nice glass of wine to celebrate your success! :) Cuz you, m'dear, aren't going to be able to drink for quite some time now.... (thinking positive thoughts for you!)

  • At 8:53 PM , Blogger Mary said...

    I too have been reading but have not posted. Sending you good vibes for the days ahead.

  • At 1:46 PM , Blogger Amy said...

    You have other things on your mind other than remembering strange school holidays. :) Hope that things continue to go well!

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