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Monday, March 28, 2005

I Hate Tax Time

My husband becomes Mr. Hyde every year at this time. I just want to move every March/April. Move without him. He is really the nicest, most kind-hearted guy you'd ever want to meet...Except when it comes to money. He becomes a complete and utter asshole. Seriously. No exaggeration.

We had company all weekend and then had friends over for dinner on Easter. He knew this was happening, it had been planned for weeks. He was a complete ass to what he considers "my friends" and when "his friend" got here he and his wife were the only ones Jim was nice to. Honest. He was nasty to everyone (including the two-year olds) but them. I wanted to kill him. I might still. He snapped at everyone all day long. I wanted to make him go away.

He's been so over-dramatic about the tax stuff it's disgusting. Honest. I just can't even believe that the person I'm married to is this man who has been such a jerk. I know we all have off days, but literally, everything that comes out of his mouth is either contradictory to conversations we've already had or just plain mean. I hate this. I just don't need this crap right now.

We had invited his mother to come for the weekend when he talked to her last week. Any of you who have known me a while know what a monster she is. I really just can't stand the woman. She's mean and manipulative and it just makes me sick. At any rate, she decided not to come for the holiday. My feeling sorry for her ended there. She chose to be alone. So, Jim talks to her yesterday and she does this whole song and dance about how no one has called her, she's all alone and that she's having KFC for dinner. My first thought? Though shit, you chose it. I don't want to hear it. James reaction? To call all his brothers and bitch at them for not calling and mope around because his "poor" mother is having KFC for Easter dinner. First off, she's alone because she chose it and second, KFC is not the only place to eat where she lives. She has TONS of nice places to go, and manages to go any other time of year. She probably did go to a nice place yesterday but wanted Jim to feel bad for her so she just told him that's what she was doing.

Did I mention how pissed I am?

AAAHHHHHH!!!! I just want to beat the living shit out of him!! I am soo pissed. I've decided I'm not making dinner tonight. I'll get Gracie and I fed and he can work it out for himself. I cooked nice meals all fucking weekend and he was a complete jerk the whole time. He can eat cereal for all I care. Jack ass.

Thank God he's going out of town for two days. I wish I could go to my mom's early and just make him miss us for a while.



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