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Monday, March 21, 2005

What to Say...

I'm sort of at a loss for entries right now. I'm waiting for O. Making my poor husband late for work every morning... You all know the deal. He seems a little more into it than I thought he'd be. I guess knowing he's going to get laid every other day for the next two weeks is keeping him involved. I guess that should come as no real surprise.

Work sucks. I'm really busy and my heart isn't in it for oh, so many reasons. Today was a zoo. B came to watch Gracie at around ten this morning and I hadn't managed more than a cup of milk and Sesame Street for my poor daughter. B had to change her and get her dressed. I felt like a horrible mommy. I have to learn to just let the office phone ring. It's so hard to juggle from one to the other all at the same time.

B wants me to quit and do daycare with her. I'd love being with the kids and being my own boss. But, I gotta be honest, there's a lot more to it than just hanging out with the kids all day. I'm not sure I can deal with the parents. KB has been kind enough to help me see what it's reall all about and buy howdy...I'm not so sure about it now. I thought KB was a superhero before, now that I have a better handle on what really goes on, she's a MAJOR superhero in my book. I just don't know if I can make that kind of commitment. I need some more time with that one.

The pool table finally came. Nice to have the last room in the house furnished. We've only been here a year and a half... Took long enough. Still a few finishing touches I want to make to that room, but nothing huge.

Talk about your boring posts. Sheesh. I hope they improve...


  • At 8:10 AM , Anonymous KB said...

    You want me to tell you about the "shit" daays when everyone poops SEVERAL times? LOL Seriously, it's not so bad!!!!


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