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Thursday, November 10, 2005

This just in

Dr. Baby Maker called. We still have three. The one that looks the best is an 8 cell, then there's a 6 and a 4. He said we could transfer tonight and see what happens. Or, we can give them a couple more days and try to get them to the blastcyst stage where they have a better chance of implantation and pregnancy (like 50% better).

If the worst case happens and none of them make it (oh God, that makes me want to throw up), it confirms that my egg quality is crap these days and my ovaries don't function as well as they used to. That said, if we do this again, Dr. Baby Maker will know what to do to be more aggressive and go after it a little harder if there is a next time.

Needless to say, we'll wait to hear from him tomorrow on how many there are and what they are doing. No transfer tonight. Tonight we wait.

This is so fucking stressful.


  • At 11:56 AM , Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

    Can they implant one or two, then wait and implant the balance? How does that work? I'm nervous for you.

  • At 2:04 PM , Blogger KB said...

    Stressful, yes. But it's going to be sooo worth it, honest. I'm glad you're waiting on transfer. And I'm glad you've got Dr. BabyMaker. You are in good hands!

  • At 2:22 PM , Anonymous kati said...

    this is stressful just reading it. I am no expert, but to have at least one 8-celled embryo at this stage sounds very promising to me. Keep on growing, little embryos!

  • At 2:57 PM , Anonymous Michelle A said...

    I am sure you are stressed, but BOY OH BOY! A 50% higher chance is GREAT! You are in my prayers and in my heart.

  • At 4:37 PM , Blogger Kathy McC said...

    Oh, my...I am so nervous and excited for you! I will be thinking of you and your little ones...

  • At 5:07 PM , Blogger Catherine said...

    Good thoughts to you.

  • At 7:28 PM , Blogger vixanne wigg said...

    I'm checking in on you a lot, but not commenting...just hoping that things go well and this works!


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