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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Okay Vix, you got my attention... My letter to Ms. Clayton.

For those of you who read my blog and have not seen this:

I published my comment on her blog as well as in response to the article.

Dear Ms Clayton:

As a mother who has had miscarriages as well as a beautiful daughter who was stillborn at 33 weeks, I find your article horribly offensive. I cannot believe you would belittle a mother's fears of miscarriage or anything else. Those fears are real and they are well-founded.

The doctors I know (and after my experiences, I know more than I care to) who are unable to practice the kind of medicine they'd like to, are hindered by litigation and insurance companies, not by mothers who need a little reassurance along the way.

The rate of stillbirth is higher than that of SIDS and yet you didn't care to mention those statistics. I'd be willing to bet though, that you never put your baby to sleep on his/her back.

How dare you try and tell us that our pregnancies should be worry free? How dare you try and tell anyone that they should ignore anything they might be afraid of while they are pregnant? I ignored the fact that my daughter had been moving less an less because society told me not to worry so much. You know what? My baby was trying to tell me something. SHE WAS DYING!

Shame on you and shame on your editor for allowing this rubbish to get published.


Michelle Baum

For those of you who wish to read her blog, the address is here:


  • At 2:50 PM , Blogger mommashannon134 said...

    Sweetie, I left her my own comments. I always hate that woman who haven't had a loss can even talk about such things. Man it makes me so angry!

    Shannone424 at TLOL

  • At 7:12 AM , Blogger lauralu said...

    hey, mb - how are you? i've been thinking about you and the grapefruit and sending negative, go-away thoughts to it.


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