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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hi, it's me....

We're back. It was nice to go visit. We had some good times. However, I do not advise going to a country that is hot, dirty, where the hygiene habits are questionable (at best) and where they eat really stinky things when you are in your first trimester. Let's just say it was difficult. Let's also say that we came home three weeks early. Because I was tired of hiding in the house and puking every night.

I am so glad to be home. I love my home. I love American food. I love that most people here bathe and used deodorant. *Ahhhhh, sigh.*

So, twelve weeks. Ultrasound Monday gave us a due date of January 29. Delivery date is January 7. Odd, but that is my grandma's birthday. The one I mentioned a ways back who had all the miscarriages and the baby who died at birth. The one I feel such a connection with now. I guess some things, even though they aren't planned, really are meant to be.

More later...