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Friday, February 22, 2008

So, Yeah, Well, Okay.

I know. I haven't posted anything with any depth in like forever. Sorry about that. I'm totally avoiding things because right now I just have too much shit on my plate.

For instance; I can't deal with how pained I am that my middle daughter is missing life with her sisters because I still can't walk without the crutches and I'm still using the damn wheelchair mostly because I'm scared to death of falling using the crutches. That means, that I'm still depending on my mom (and a friend who came with her girls and stayed for a week...thank God she came, but holy hell it was a lot of work having people here that long). I wish I could do my own laundry and make my own bed and OH! how I wish I could shower standing up.

Fact is, I just have matters to deal with in the here and now and can't allow myself to have the emotional breakdown that I need to and know I will have when my life is again my own.

Until then, I may very well continue to bore you with pictures of crazy church signs and questions about life that cannot be suitably answered.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm stumped.

See that cute brown dog romping joyfully in the snow?

Yeah, that one.

He eats poop. Could be his own, could be from one of the other dogs. Could be old, or it could be fresh... He's not particular.

But he draws the line at greenbeans.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Church Anyone?

I swear this is on a church billboard near our house. I've made a habit of reading these billboards because they are usually so damn funny to me. This one takes the cake if you ask me... My husband would like to add that this is his kind of church...

(so you don't have to squint: "Start the year off on the right foot... Get on the knees!")

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Computer Go Boom

My laptop died spectacularly last week. Lost everything. All of my pictures are gone (some of which have been saved on CD up until Natalie was born...thankfully, my mom took most of Nat's pictures with her camera, so my dad has those). I knew when the Geek turned it on and said..."Oh, that's not good at all..." that I was in trouble.

So, hey, I'm writing from my spanky new laptop. Did you miss me? You probably never knew I was gone... sniff, sniff.

We're all good. Nat's awesome. Gracie's awesome. My ankle is still in a cast, but a decidely shorter one. I hope to get the removable variety in a couple of weeks and then be able to put a little weight on it a couple weeks after that. Here's hoping.

Things are crazy. My mom had to go home; she and my dad had a trip to Hong Kong planned before I got hurt, so she left and my friend B came out from Vegas. She brought her two girls (3 and 5). The house is just Crazytown at the moment. So loud, so much going on. B and I are having fun, but I think Jim is on the edge. He's working a lot...possibly because he just can't deal with all the girly drama goingon at the moment. Whatever, he has clean underwear, which is more than would happen if it was just me here.

B and the girls are here until the 18th. Mom comes back on the 15th. I hope it goes fast. I want my life back. I actually miss doing my own laundry. Who knew?