Discovering Me

Me on having babies, losing babies, trying to have babies and hoping to bring this one home.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Goodbye Old Friend

Atlas came to me at a time in my life when it seemed that I couldn't make a good decision to save my ass. I was in the middle of a divorce. I was in the beginning of a crappy relationship. I had just lost my job. I even wrote a hot check to the lady I bought him from (it cashed). Within two months of him being with me, I moved across the country and that was when our friendship took root.

He loved me when I thought no one else loved me, not even me. He was there when I lost my babies. He was there when my babies were born. He sat with me while I cried and let me snuggle into his soft coat. He sat on my lap while I cried through my hurt. For a little dog, he had a huge heart.

When I needed to get out, he was right at my side. He hiked in canyons where he loved to run and chase snakes and tarantulas. He loved to cross the creeks and rivers even if it meant a short swim. He loved long drives where he could stick his snout in the wind. He loved chasing the horses and cattle at the farm in Texas.
I thought I'd lost him a half-dozen times. He chased cars, he fell out of cars, he even once got hit by a semi-truck. I don't think he ever realized that he was the little guy. What a little adventurer. I couldn't have wished for a better partner for my adventures. There would have been no one who could do it as good as he could. No one could even come close.
He loved kids. He was never aggressive with Gracie even though she chased him and pulled his hair. He was as gentle as any parent could hope a family pet would be with the kids. Even when Nat came, he would just give her soft Muttley kisses and make her giggle.

For thirteen years you've been my constant companion. You watched me grow up. I love you Little Muttley. You'll always be the Alpha here, pal.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Celebrity Sighting (PA Style)

I saw the occaisonal celebrity when I lived in California. I saw a few more in Vegas. I never cared much.


I SAW JON & KATE AT TARGET! I didn't see the Eight, but I saw them getting into the big blue van/bus. I knew they lived around here somewhere.

Sadly, the highlight of my week. I do love that show.

Friday, April 04, 2008

6 (plus) Months, It Begins

My kids are talkers ('cept the dead one, she's pretty quiet) (deadbaby humor, it's one of the fabulous privileges of this club...wo-freaking-hoo). Gracie talked at like 7 months. She literally has not stopped since. She was speaking full (run-on) sentences by about 18 months. She makes me tired with her mouth.

Nat is already saying da-da. Not only is she saying it, she calls for him. She says it when she sees him. When he comes and talks to her, she babbles...dadadadadadada.

I gave up the good drugs when I hurt my ankle so I could keep breastfeeding and this is the thanks I get.